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Tile Offers Unlimited Design Possibilities for Residential & Commercial Applications

Alpine Carpet provides and installs a very diverse selection of tile for applications as flooring, wall covering, backsplashes and more at excellent prices.

Alpine Carpet knows that tile has more applications in homes and businesses than any other single product. It has been popular for thousands of years all over the world.

Today, thanks to new manufacturing technologies, tile is available in a nearly unlimited selection of products that offer our residential and commercial customers the widest-possible array of design possibilities and applications. 
• Porcelain Tile
• Ceramic Tile
• Mosaic Tile
• Quarry Tile
• Glass Tile

 Tile can be used almost anywhere. When most people think about tile, think of it primarily as flooring. Nevertheless, with current trends, tile is used in a very wide range of applications throughout homes and businesses. These include: 

• Accent Tile
• Backsplashes
• Commercial Tile
• Countertops
• Residential & Commercial Flooring
• Walls
• Exterior

Ceramic and porcelain tile are some of the longest lasting flooring products available today. While carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring have to be periodically replaced, tile will last a lifetime if properly installed and maintained. 

Tile doesn’t attract or hold dust, mold or bacteria and is often used instead of carpet in homes where people have allergies or severe asthma. Ceramic tile is also easy to care for, because it is easily cleaned with just warm water, doing away with any need for expensive and toxic chemicals and cleaners that are required to properly care for other flooring products.

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